Thursday, April 8, 2010

as of 2:50 this afternoon...

...i'm done taking classes at college.


granted, graduation is still a few weeks away. and i have a few internship evaluations to fill out, one-page-papers to write (how i love being a broadcast journalism major), and one GIGANTIC documentary to finish before i take the long walk across the dejong stage to get my fake diploma...but still. no more classes ( :

college has been a funny thing. i came here with a very specific idea of what i wanted to do with my life and i'm leaving with a totally different end in mind. who knew? not me. but it's all worked out somehow and maybe someday i'll get a "big girl job" (in the words of brian, but kind of appropriate for now).

...and if not?

plan b: learning to cook in europe and opening a bakery with natalie.
we've already got a name picked out and everything. yesss.


Natalie Marie said...

Yay for the Screw This Bakery!

skroner said...

i say do the bakery anyway!
you can have a HUGE opening ceremony with a crazy light show (designed by you), offer free treats (baked courtesy of you) + you can even advertise your new bakery (reporting+producing courtesy of you) by broadcasting opening day!

it's perfect (:

Jon said...

You should have made your Facebook status something annoying like, "Two classes down, one to go!" or "Two hours left!" followed by, "One hour left!"
Cause we all know how much you LOVE it when people put stuff like that as their status. :)

Jon said...

Oh, and congratulations!