Sunday, November 13, 2011

that elusive sweatshirt. it is:
 tonight i made spaghetti squash for the very first time -- 
my bff emily used to make it but i'd never done it before.
all you have to do is pop it in the oven for like an hour and then it's awesome and ready to eat (after you take the seeds out). yum!
over the last few weeks, i said "goodbye" 
(sort of) to one of my friends, danger phil.
he started working in madison earlier this month.
here's a picture of him with his mom --
since he left, i'm moving into his apartment this weekend.
it has vaulted ceilings. i'm pumped.
this will probably be a separate blog post, so stay tuned for that ( :
one reason i'm excited to leave my apartment?
my freezer can't make ice properly.
i swear i fill the trays full of water. 
and yet...when i go to take the ice cubes out, they are only this big --
how is that possible?! i don't know.
also, just over ONE MONTH until i go to OHIO for CHRISTMAS.
speaking of christmas, we had our first snowfall this week.
^ it was not-so-impressive when i went to work in the morning but by the middle of the day, it was kind of crazy out there -- 
^ here's a picture i took this week that i like.
as i sat (parked) on the road, i watched this group of strangers gather and help push this car out of the intersection. maybe there are still some nice people out there after all. 


Sarah said...

SWEATSHIRT!!!!(!!!!!!!!!) slash i love helpful people. and spaghetti. and DANGER PHIL. but mostly OHIO KDASH CHRISTMAS REUNION!!! ahhhh <3 <3 <3

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Have you ever thought that MAYBE some water molecules didn't want to get eaten so they ran away? Worth looking in to.

Yay! For new apartment & Christmas & sweatshirt & nice people!

[Red Sox] Wife said...

um that shirt is TOTALLY AWESOME?!?!?! cant wait till less than a month it cannot come soon enough. also good luck moving this weekend!!!!!!!! kardashians are back the 27th!!!!! (guess what you will be watching with me all during xmas break? it rhymes with beeping up with the darkashians and mean tom 3 :)