Thursday, July 19, 2012

dashing like a warrior.

i ran a 10K this year
(and then a little bit more --
since the chalk path was washed away with the rain)
despite being a little stormy, my first 10+ was not too bad.
sometimes i run super-speedy-fast.
(there were no cars around for the picture below)
my most recent race was forrest's run -- a five-miler.
two of my co-workers ran as well.
 i won second place in my age group, just shy of 37 1/2 minutes.
sometimes i find legs on my run route.
last night i took a break from my rain run 
under the shelter of my fav sports boy's porch.
(he's got a nice view, huh?)
lucky for me to have good friends who will wait with me 
when the sky opens up and it starts pouring rain.
the next big race i have signed up for is the warrior dash.
in about 3.3 miles, i will -- 
-run through a rubber "jungle"
-hurdle over barricades
-rappel down a steep ravine
-"stampede" through a scrap yard of rusted metal
-climb over a "dead man's drop"
-go through a military crawl
-climb a rock wall and jump down the other side
-teeter through a "soaring" track
-trudge through a water fall
-maneuver over a cargo net
-leap over warrior fires
-and scramble beneath barbed wire in the mud

here's hoping i make it through august 18th ( :


Ruth Dowling said...

Question. How do you even train for that?!?!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ooooookay RUNNER BABE! you are such a rockstar!! can't wait to hear all about the warrior dash eeeeeek!! please get someone from your station to cover the event...with the famous anna carrera leading the pack (:

Natalie Marie said...

37.5 minutes for a 10k!!!! holy crap!! My 5K time is only 5 minutes shorter than your 10K...I'm so slow

Briane P said...

I'm going to stop posting my jog times on Twitter because you've just shamed me in front of the Internet.

Ruth is right: How DO you train for that Hell Run thing?