Sunday, July 29, 2012


june was a little more successful --
(as always, click to enlarge pictures)

morning / empty / plate / close-up
sign / hat / drink / six o'clock
(surrah started her marathon at 6AM)
your view today / best bit of weekend / door / from low angle
art / time / yellow / out and about
in your bag / something you didn't know about me (x2) / imperfect
(my first something you didn't know -- 
i love to cook but eat tons of cereal.
my second one -- i like to use an even number of eggs 
and always take from the outside edge)
favorite pic / where i slept / from high angle / movement
on your mind / something cute / where you shop / bathroom
on your shelf / soft / a friend
i took a month off but plan to do the challenge again in august ( :


Ruth Dowling said...

Yayyyy just love it! Good work.. 20 days next month mmkay?

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

the "time" one is my fav!! after the six-o-clock one of course (; and i totally do the same thing with my eggs!! we're sisters or something. duh.