Saturday, May 26, 2012


for those of you who don't know,
instagram is a picture-sharing app for the iphone.
if you're artsy (like a certain sister of mine), everything looks cool.
for people like me, you have to really try to make stuff look neat.

anyway, there was a challenge called "photo a day may."
you take a picture each day of the month using a certain theme.
the wausau #skyline.
#something you wore today. 
fancy napkin that looked like a #bird.
#you (in a nutshell).
#someone that inspires you -- anderson cooper.
#a smell you adore -- chocolate chip cookie dough.
#something you do everyday (or twice).
#a favorite word (or two).
baking pinata cookies in my #kitchen.
natural flower bouquet for #mum on mother's day.
well...i made it through 12 days.
instead of trying to make up for lost time, 
i figure i'll save my energy and just do better next month.


Ruth Dowling said...

Nice!!! I thought you did amazing!!! Here's to June :)

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

definitely (not even maybe) LOVE all of these!! those pinata cookies look SO cool but i couldn't help thinking they kinda look like it that much more though (: + acoop = <3. the fortune. keep those coming (;

chepi + running + ohio + waow = y.o.u. so true. can't wait to play in just a WEEK eeeeek! (:

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Chepi's dressed up all fancy. She got a boyfriend these days?