Wednesday, May 16, 2012

boston part 3: plaid baby shirts, almost-kisses and a toothbrush.

sunday was pretty chill. 
i took pictures of baby D's chocolate face at church 
plus a silly sideways one with my fav little brother.
also here's a cute picture of medium D and baby D 
then an almost-kiss from my fav nephew.
did i mention that i love his plaid shirt?
most of what i remember about sunday was getting ready to eat food and then eating it. that literally took most of the day.
baby D also put crayons in his toes and ate a banana.
afterwards it was pretty much time for bed. 
i wonder if some kids just know they are adorable 
and they make faces like these on purpose.
naturally, baby D had to help his mom get ready for the big race.
even though she posted it first, i take photo credit ( :
sometimes when i think i'll never get married or have kids, 
i think about how cool baby D is and how i would like one like him. 
i suppose i will need to find a blonde husband.


Ruth Dowling said...

You can always dye babies hair right?? Lol love these pictures and I do love that shirt of his. I need to find more so we have a constant influx of them till he gets to be too old to think its cool. Also your babies may not be as cool as our little d just warning you. But I guess it would depend on who you marry :)

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

i love that almost-kiss. TOO cute. + any husband = the cutest doe-eyed babies alive. so i wouldn't worry too much about that. even though baby d is pretty dang cute. (: