Thursday, May 10, 2012

running around, making faces and having dreams.

for me, going running is like exploring a quicker-than-usual pace.
my new favorite place to go is the cemetery right across from work.
^ the smaller picture on the left is the baby cemetery ) :
also i like the park that has trails along the river.
 here are more pictures of my family.
for us, this is completely normal.
 <3 sibs
also sometimes i wake up from dreams and try to write down important things.
i think this one is supposed to say:
 "backhanded compliment. didn't think you'd make it."


Ruth Dowling said...

Awww love that baby cemetery. Too bad there are no neighs there. Also.. Get ready for some runs out in pootah!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Baby Cemetery :( But, I do love cemetery's. I used to go to them all the time growing up when I was sad. They somehow made me feel at peace.

The running pics are so pretty!

Hahaha on that dream note. Random? I love you.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

1. i. love. us. (:

2nd. i love that dream note. i've totally done that before but with writing it out on a piece of paper...and then i wake up in the morning to a bunch of scribbles written over each other. hahaha. just sisters and just sisters sometimes.