Monday, May 14, 2012

last month i went to boston.

last month, i went to boston to visit my awesome sister 
as she ran the marathon for her first time ever.
(my other awesome sister plans to run one next month.
i know. compared to them, i'm super-lame)
well...this is our story.
day one started off a little late (because that was my travel day) but we did get to enjoy the sights of downtown boston when we went to this super-cool running event. we met famous people and ate tiny food and i (geeked out and) enjoyed the lighting design. i thought i would be underdressed (in my jeans and running shoes) but apparently that was right on par with many of the people there. runners are cool and i'm glad to be one of them.


Ruth Dowling said...

*like. More!! More!!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

so jealous of your instagramming'll have to teach me in a month (: