Sunday, May 13, 2012

"you don't really have to make me anything."

a short while ago, it was the week of my boss' birthday.
i asked him what he wanted me to bake.
he says, "gourmet cupcakes. chocolate with white frosting...
...but you don't really have to make me anything."
obviously that meant if i didn't make him cupcakes, 
i would likely be fired.
so i decorated.
the week after, one of my co-workers requested macaroons.
i bought the ingredients but realized i didn't have enough almonds.
instead of going back to the store, 
i harvested them from my raisin nut bran.
easy enough, right?
plus the raisins are the best part anyway.
then i made chocolate macaroons with raspberry chocolate ganache:
other food i have made lately?
pepperoni pizza panini sandwiches --
and assorted meals with rice.
chicken, pineapple and peppers -- 
grilled apple, onion and peppers -- 
 still to come: my PINATA COOKIES (x2)
and my boston recaps (one day each day starting tomorrow)
in closing...happy mother's day.
(click on photos to enlarge)
 and welcome to the family, melody!
krondashians love cats and candid photos.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

You are going to make me so many things when you are here :) You can't wait!

Ruth Dowling said...

Your bOss sounds awful! ;) love all the food and now I'm super hungry! I think we need to start meal planning for June!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. maybe instead of going out to eat, you can just cater the week you are all out here? done. (: