Sunday, May 6, 2012

juniper jumpfire, grilling peppers, and kids named xavier.

being a reporter, i call a lot of strangers.
i go through many "staff directories" and feel overjoyed 
when i actually find the person i'm looking for. 
i also feel great when i find people like Juniper Jumpfire
who works as a meat tester.
here is a picture i took along a river in merrill. 
also sean and i grilled peppers and they are delicious.
you turn the oven on "broil" and pop a pepper inside.
 continue to turn it until all the sides are black. 
 then wrap it in aluminum for a while until it gets shriveled -- 
 then peel all the burny parts off and eat a delicious grilled pepper.
 a few weeks ago, i went to appleton when mitt romney stopped in and took some artsy pics. 
the media was supposed to get there super early so (of course) 
we had to wait a very long time before he got there. 
apparently he is a big deal.
he also sends my parents christmas cards. 
i saw this ups truck pulling another ups truck on the road.
i don't know why i thought it was a little ironic, but i did. 
finally, i went to an elementary school when a teacher won an award for being a super-baker. as i was working, she spoke with one of the students, calling him by name -- "xavier m." typically, i thought, that only happens when there's more than one child with the same first name. and after a closer examination of the room, i was right. 
2 children named xavier in a class of 18 in northcentral wisconsin?


Ruth Dowling said...

Awkward sice we were planning on naming boy no two Xavier

But I don't really want to go with a popular name so maybe we will have to reassess our options

Also that pepper idea is brilliant you just made me hungry and I am buying a pepper tomorrow

Briane P said...

Now I'm humming that song by Donovan only substituting "Jennifer Jumpfire" into the lyrics.

As for Xavier: our middle daughter recently began dating a guy named Xavier, so that makes three I've now heard of in a month and previously the only ones I knew of were the head of the X-Men and a university. Something's going on here...

There's a blog called "Read Dance Bliss" who posted about "egg salad" years ago -- egg salad being anything that's made of itself, like how egg salad is eggs + mayo, and mayo is eggs. I'm going to send your post to her for the UPS trucks.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

that pepper did NOT look appetizing lol but i trust you i guess (:

slash definitely just died laughing thinking of having two kids named xavier...that is so abnormal! xavier dowling though...i think we can guess who would be made fun of on the first day of school (;

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said... jumpfire?? hahaha.