Monday, April 30, 2012

i'm keeping my baby.

as an adult, i've made many choices.
some were bigger than others, but each had its own consequences. 
a while ago, i made a VERY BIG ONE and i'm pleased to announce --

it's baby time.

just kidding.
(please don't have a heart attack, mom)

actually, it's way better than that.
my four-year-old baby is FINALLY MINE.
 as of recently, my darling lex officially belongs to me.
take that, 5/3 bank.
looks like you will need to find someone else
to send you my former "consequence" -- $185.06 every month.
 in other news, please enjoy these pics of
me and my fam doing google hangouts.
and to answer your question, no. 
none of them knew i was taking these pics,
which is why they are awesome.
(click to enlarge)


Briane P said...

First, I'm sorry, but I felt the need to verify your claim re: Sloopy/Ohio and it turns out THAT IT'S THE OFFICIAL SONG of the state, so I'll be putting that on my sports blog sometime.

Second: I apologize for doubting your veracity but you can't be too careful with Ohioans, as the saying ought to go.

Third: Congratulations on paying off the car/secretly spying on relatives. A good day all around.

Ruth Dowling said...

Yay for over $100 extra every month!!! Congrats! What will you
Do with it all????

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

so proud of you! maybe someday i'll be debt free too...
"hey, i can dream, can't i?!"

<3 googly chat