Monday, May 21, 2012

you found what on the trail?

i updated my "running rib mountain" facebook photo album.
i've seen a lot of crazy things on this mountain.
some are funny.
some are random.
and some i am not brave enough to post on facebook.

the view of downtown wausau from near the top.
 tree fell down on the trail!
(don't worry. i jumped over it)
 random electrical equipment.
pretty sunshine through the trees.
my name etched in the lookout tower.
(no, i did not put it there)
sunset from the lookout tower.
 wonder who dropped this...oops.
and finally...UFO's? 
in short, rib mountain is cool and full of adventures.
i highly recommend it.


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

oh my WOW. that view of the sunset from the lookout tower...holy perfection. also...ufos!? i knew wisconsin was stragne, but this just makes it even moreso (;

Briane P said...

That sunset shot caught my eye, too. If you painted it, nobody would believe it was real.

The UFOs are concerning. If I were you, I would make very sure I had my aluminum foil hat on whenever I ran. You can't be too careful.