Sunday, May 27, 2012

diet coke.

last memorial day was a memorable one.
i was scheduled to shoot an event around sunrise...
about two hours away from wausau.
after that, i had two or three other stories to shoot 
and needless to say, it was a Very Hectic Day.
i drank many diet cokes that day.
in fact, i had been drinking many diet cokes on a regular basis.
every time i stopped at a gas station, 
every time i went to the grocery store, i got a diet coke.
it wasn't a super-big deal but i could tell i depended heavily on it...
almost to the point that i decided it was a little unhealthy.
those diet cokes i drank last memorial day were some of my last.

after that, i decided to cut pop (diet cokes included) out of my life.
saying it was a rough break up would be an understatement.
but here i am -- nearly a year and only three pops later.

my first time having pop (since then) was when 
this guy took me to a brewers game in milwaukee.
i had a diet coke and it was still delicious.
my second time was a diet red pop on this guy's last day of work.
(it was one of our traditions to get them together).
i heard the color comes from ladybug shells but it tastes good.
my third and final time having pop (another diet coke) in the last 365 days was when sean took me to a badgers game.
this is our view from the press box at the kohl center.
a few short weeks ago, i got a coupon in the mail for 
a FREE 2-liter bottle of diet coke.
so...i got it.
it's been sitting in my fridge ever since.
i'm not really sure what to do with it. 
i guess i could drink it.
and maybe tomorrow (on memorial day) i will.


Paige said...

You could make a coca cola cake and just use diet coke instead of regular. If you want a recipe I have a good coca cola cake recipe, just message me ;)

Ruth Dowling said...

What?!?!? Ladybugs?? Seriously. Gross. Also so prou of you because let's be honest most sporting events revolve around beer or soda so I guess diet sodas not so bad :) enjoy it!!

Landon said...

And I'll drink one tomorrow, too, and it'll be like we're having them together. :)

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

<3 <3 diet coke. i went through a rough breakup with it after my senior year of high school, so i feel your pain...though it is quite yummy every once in awhile. (:

i totally second paige's motion, in that i think you should find something totally crazy random and awesome to bake it into. that would be SO COOL. and you could do it. obviously. because you're a culinary genius.

Briane P said...

So did you drink it?

I drink a lot of diet soda, and a lot of coffee. I felt bad about it, but I have, in my life, quit smoking, I don't drink alcohol at all, I never do any kind of drugs unless they're prescribed, I only eat "sugared" cereal for breakfast on the weekends, I gave up my beloved Ramen noodles except 1 time per week, I have replaced "Doritos" with "Mini Wheats" and I mostly have ground turkey instead of ground beef.

There is a bin of baby carrots in my refrigerator that I snack on while I cook dinner.

I've GOT TO HAVE SOMETHING, and my diet soda and my coffee are it.

Plus, they just said drinking coffee makes you live longer, so maybe drinking ground up ladybug shells (I LOVE Diet Red Pop) will be even better?

*fingers crossed*

*cup of coffee AND diet coke on desk*