Tuesday, May 15, 2012

boston part 2: pancakes, icees and horses.

day two started out in a very delicious way.
blueberry pancakes at this delicious food place
with ruth, drew, too-ey and dani.
and of course, baby d pedroia. 
love him!
after pancakes was baseball (naturally).
after a nap, mikey got here
and we went to find horses in downtown boston!
we drank icees, found a real life quidditch match, walked along a historical trail and saw an a capella group singing in the park. 
(not pictured: we also saw a not-very-good street performer 
and walked through a few cemeteries)
the parents and DK arrived in boston later that evening
and we had a cookout and took this picture with mikey.
obviously, i felt the need to do a "thumbs up" just like boston billy. 


Ruth Dowling said...

Lol at first I thought where did you get
Those pancakes?! That feels like a lifetime ago :)miss you

Natalie Marie said...

Mikey seriously has to be one of the best looking of our friends, just sayin

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

PANCAKES. oh my gosh those sound so good right now. do you realize this blog is totally turning into a foodie blog?? I LOVE IT. (: and just love mikey. and baby d pedrioa!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

um AND QUIDDITCH. how could i forget!?