Thursday, May 17, 2012

boston part 4: race day!

on monday (back last month), there was a marathon in boston.
apparently it was a pretty big deal.
when i think of boston, i'm reminded of all the crazy, mean people who cut you off and honk and yell if you are in the street.
but apparently there are also a handful of nice people and they like to come out on marathon day.

a few pictures i took during the race:
the back of ruth (too fast to get one from the front!)
baby D making friends with some puppies
the group of us trekking around to various points along the route
and daniel eating a donut.
...because what else would you order when it's like 90 degrees out?
if you want a complete photo overload (including some very funny signs), you can click here and read ruth's blog post about it.
one my favorite runners (besides ruth) was this guy with
the "running sucks" shirt and matching thong.
i cannot imagine it was a comfortable 26.2 for that guy. 
i also liked these guys with cowboy hats but can't find their picture.
my favorite sign said, "if you haven't pooped yet, you've already won."

my sister finished the marathon like we all knew she would and then she was super-nice and let us take a lot of pictures of her when i'm sure she would have preferred to roll over and take a nap or something instead. she is a trooper.
this was a cute picture afterwards too. 
we took the T back to where we left the car. despite leaving after my parents did, we still managed to beat them there. the parents and daniel left for NJ and the rest of us headed back to the house. 
burritos for dinner which we ate out in the front yard
since it was so nice out. 
and that was day 4.


Ruth Dowling said...

day 4 was awesomeeee and I didnt want to take a nap i just wanted to die :) nice pics and love that guy in the thong. so you could get a back shot of me but not him?? rude.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

a thong!? oh my gosh hahaha.

in other news...i totally would have gotten a donut, too. so i can't judge. (: