Friday, June 22, 2012

hot and spicy cheese bread.

i went to madison a few weeks ago and had some of 
the most delicious bread i've ever tasted. 
(it's called stella's, in case you are ever in the neighborhood) 
my friend requested that i come up with my own version.
so here goes nothing.
some yeast, sugar and water.
flour, milk and (two kinds of) cheese.
-- colby jack and medium cheddar --
salt, garlic and red pepper.
after the dough had risen for the first time, i put 
(what i thought was) a lot of cheese inside.
-- monterrey jack and provolone --
after i stuffed them, i let them rise again.
then i popped them in the oven and
out came this delicious spicy cheesy bread. 
not nearly as much cheese as i expected when i opened it up,
but i guess i'll know better for next time.
(they must seriously put an entire brick of cheese inside)
crispy outside and soft inside. yummy and spicy. 
not bad for my first try.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Why are you doing this to meeeee. Look soooo gooood!!!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO yummmmm!! Seriously why don't you own your own bakery again? Remind me someday. (:

Also, it's the same with empanadas. If you put in just slices of cheese/little cubes then it isn't as effective as buying a big huge block of cheese and cutting it into smaller blocks and putting one solid block in each bread thing. that way the whole blob of cheese will rise and melt and stick to the top/bottom/entire inside of the bread. The little pieces will melt quicker and look like they don't even exist.

You cook and you learn. Still looks SO delicious though. (: