Thursday, June 21, 2012

three little (news) victories.

a while back, i went to this very fancy dinner in madison for 
the wisconsin broadcaster's association awards banquet.
you can tell how fancy it was by looking at the napkins in the cups. 
also by the fact that dessert was on our table when we got there.
(so tempting to not eat first)
i walked into that hotel as just another reporter...
and walked out as an award-winning journalist. 
feature news had the most applicants across the state (by far) 
so that was huge for me. 
plus i like to think of myself as a storyteller reporter 
and that's what feature reporting basically means.
spot news is just fun because 
you have to hustle and make stuff to put on TV super-fast.
on a completely unrelated note, we have our top five stories and videos posted to our website and at one point, four of the five stories were mine (all but the forecast). there are so many people who post stories at our station so this is kind of a rarity.
and lastly i posted my "bear burglar" story on a facebook group called "storytellers" to look for critiques and one of the most awesome, famous reporters left THREE lengthy comments on it. i completely geeked out. if you've never watched one of boyd huppet's stories, you should. click here for a link to his series of stories. he is my hero.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Mmmmm fooood. I don't know who that reporter is (don't kill me) But I will after I click that link :) Weeeee for compliments & constructive critique :)

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

Total read this and totally freaked out. YOU ARE SO FAMOUS!!! That Huppert guy looks pretty awesome!! WAY TO GO YOU AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST!! (: