Wednesday, June 20, 2012

emceeing, spying on high school kids and eating candy.

one of the awesome things about my job is 
meeting people who inspire me.
take paige for example.
i met her at an event i emceed -- wishstock 2012.
it was a benefit for the make a wish foundation.
despite all she's been through, she has such a positive outlook on life.
i stole these pictures from her fb ( :
i also get to drive cars with barely any miles on them.
or at least one...
i get to do live shots and watch high school kids pretend they're me.
and i get to eat gummi octopus candies. YUM.


Paige said...

Aww thanks so much, Anna. It really means a lot. Btw:I saw you at Walmart the other day. I was in a hurry and couldn't say hi but I saw you :)

Ruth Dowling said...

Dear Anna
I'm not in high school but I do love stalking you.
Your gummy Dino octopus bear :)

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Cool & yummy :)

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

Gummy anything = SO yum.

PS just love that you love Merrill so much. (: and that you are driving brand new cars!!! look at you. rockstar status. (: