Saturday, March 6, 2010

new house.

so it was about a week ago that i decided to pack up my stuff and move up to pleasant grove. and short of a quick visit this weekend to clean some things (fingerprints on the walls? seriously, landlord?) i won't ever have to live in provo ever again. what an awesome feeling.

i knew that it would be time to leave soon, but it came in a different way than i expected.

then again, what can we really expect to happen in life? if there's anything i've learned in the past few weeks, it's that nothing is ever guaranteed, but...things will work out. maybe not the way you hoped and almost certainly not the way you planned but somehow...some way...things have a way of making themselves okay.

after being in the new place (with R & D & K & the GDB) for almost a week, i finally had a few minutes to unpack today. lots of things are still in boxes and probably will stay that way, but at least i can find my underwear and shampoo and other important things like that.

so...hello, march. hopefully you will be at least a little nicer to me than february was. let's see how this goes.

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