Tuesday, March 16, 2010

more orange juice please.

thank goodness for my absolute favorite thing lately:
some time late last week i started to feel that familiar itch in the back of my throat and through the weekend, i've had varying levels of not-having-a-voice and it's just been not-fun.
i've been eating honey-lemon drops like candy and today i tried some more dayquil (for a refresher course of how i feel about drugs, check out my post from january) and i've basically been sleeping non-stop, which has been good and bad.
p.s. dear body. remember when i was sick for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY?! i thought we'd worked something out so i wouldn't have to do that again, but apparently you're a jerk. from anna.
mondays are usually more relaxing for me, but once tuesday hits, my week is in full swing and i won't get another break until the weekend.
so here's hoping i can get enough happy orange juice in my system to keep me going until then.


Natalie Marie said...

I have throat lozenges up the wazoo so let me know if you want one, seriously my pockets are full :)

skroner said...

just sometimes i wish i wasn't allergic to orange juice ):

drink extra for me!