Monday, March 29, 2010

two favorites.

oh hello, favorite green headband.
good to see you are BROKEN.

i mean, it's not like you were terribly expensive or unique,
but you were my favorite and i was super-sad when i looked in my purse and found you in two pieces.

in order to keep myself from feeling so terribly bad about this,
i will try to use this as an analogy for my weekend. weekend wasn't so bad. i ended up spending more money than i originally planned getting things put together for news stuff, but i did some fun things, hung out with good friends and danced like a crazy person on a few different occasions.

and tiny incident of bad fortune was enough
to leave me in tears outside in the campus parking lot.
just like one little break ruined my favorite headband.

but i'm okay.
i have other headbands and i will have other opportunities to figure things out that will surely be much more awesome than [[whatever it is what i was hoping to do that i won't go into right now]].
and maybe i can get another green headband.
but even if i dont, that's okay.
because tomorrow is another day. the end.

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