Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy anniversary to me.

that's right, kids. it's been a whole, entire year since me and the love of my life (lex) began our deeply awesome and wonderful relationship.

and what did we do to celebrate? oh. i'll tell you.
...we drove halfway across the country.

there was snow. there was barely-ten-feet-at-a-time visibility. there was crappy windshield wipers. there was fog. there was torrential rain storms and lightning. there was snacks, good music, and love. and now, sixteen hours of driving later...we're in iowa. and we're not going to lie and say that we love it. but we're here and we're together...just like we should be.

i love you, lex. i know we're both so young and we haven't been together for that long, but here's to many more fabulous years together. <3


Mrs. D said...

yay happy anniversary!! i am glad you made it back ok. miss you!

Maskmario10 said...


You shouldn't drive in the snow. You might hurt yourself.

anna. said...

i know...i was very careful though ( :