Thursday, April 9, 2009

the weather and other boring things.

the weather has been changing a lot lately. i'm not a scientist by any stretch of the term, but i know a few things from some books. and when the weather changes from "nice and warm" to "cold and snowy" to "warm and nice" to "drizzly and cool" and back and forth like that...there are some hardcore changes in pressure.

when you watch the weather, there are H's and L's all over that silly map with arrows and movements and things. i'm not entirely sure what that's all about either, but i know that means the pressure is changing, and it happens all across the country. it's science. BIG science.

but then there's also little science. like what happens inside your brain. my brain doesn't particularly like changes in pressure. for some reason, it seems to take the changes in weather very personally and proceeds to create a lot of pressure -- this creates a headache.

when i get a headache, i am not happy. sometimes i will get really quiet and unresponsive, people will ask what is wrong, i will ignore them, and this continues until i am finally able to go home, pop a couple excedrins, down some diet coke, turn off all the lights and take a nap until my headache goes away.

this is happening a lot lately. and when i take random naps during the day, i find myself awake at almost 3 in the morning, like i am right now.

the end.


Mrs. D said...

I'm sorry. I wish I could relate to you, but the only thing that happens to me when the weather is out of whack is I get sick. yuck. Also, I want to borrow your postsecret book tomorrow for my last day (!) of teaching, and I was wondering if you could pick up around 10 NYT's for me at campus today? I won't be done here till after 4, and I am afraid they will all be gone.

Bethie Ann said...

I wish I would have know you were up that late. I was up too... Stupid law paper!!! Well, i hope you get a good nap today!