Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i love life. it's so full of curveballs.

you'd think that after twenty-something years of figuring it out, i might be on to something. but nope. every day is a surprise. things happen that blow my mind and change the way i thought i knew it all to be. crazy.

i think that time, above all, changes so much. and although rejection is hard, it is so-exponentially-much better than regret. going out on a limb is scary, but the thought of never knowing one way or the other...the "what-if?'s"...that is so much worse.

i love that i can go from being anti-friends with someone to sharing deep, dark secrets with him (especially when i know he hasn't told anyone else, and i know i haven't either) a few short months later. i don't know why you told me. i don't know why i told you. none of it really makes sense, but in that same way, it sort of does. learning about people is what makes me love them (hah...although not necessarily be IN love with them). people never cease to amaze me.

i'm crossing my fingers for you, hun. good luck tomorrow. you can do it.

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