Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so i drove across the country.

and now i'm in ohio. great story, i know.

in the spirit of not giving myself anytime to relax (because for real...what does "relaxing" even mean?), i've taken on a lighting design for my old high school, and am ready to start my internship and waitress-ing job tomorrow. woo. the past few days i've been trying to settle in, unpack, and get ready for things. ready for what? i'm not sure. but i hope i'm ready.

i'm excited to work in a real newsroom. excited and nervous...i hope they don't think i'm a total idiot. but the plan is to go for a nice run in the morning, hang out with daniel, and then head over to 10TV and see what's up. then work at night and think about my aida design (for dshs)...then watch the blazers game (yay).

wow my life is so exciting. in other news, i had to get a waiver since i will be living at my house while also taking credits for byu (for my internship) and the paper literally says at the top: "i will be living at home." i want to meet the people who put together paperwork for byu and tell them to be a little more creative. f'real.

oh and i had chipotle today. my life is complete once again : )


Bethie Ann said...

what a coincidence... I had Chipotle as well today. But mine came from Virginia!

anna. said...

hah what are the odds?! yay chipotle. lame how utah doesn't have them.