Thursday, April 9, 2009

then sings my soul.

the afternoon was mine to do with as i pleased. i pleased to eat some lunch. i pleased to reread all of the cases that i would need for my law paper (probably not really necessary...oh well). i even pleased to work on some other school things. aside from my reporter's-withdrawl, today was looking pretty great.

e b. w t b a f r t t s, s f w a a t, b a f, i n r, j t a t. b o l s l c? m h b b i j. w s t o a s i c n l f o a. i can't even put my finger on's just always been like that. w t a a s o t, b, s, u s p, n p, e. h h a g n. well, actually h h a g f a s m n. t d s h f t t k m o c, a a, t d s m f k h b a e e t h. b n i t i o. h b i t f m o t s a h w c b f f r. h a g g. let's be real...i j c l h a.

anyways...there went basically my entire afternoon until i had to leave for class. i got a fabulous grade on the giant paper for my social advocacy in the media class and then went to work. it was this grammy award-winning gospel singer, and when i asked the piano guy if he had the song order or anything, he said no, but that they were going to decide which songs they wanted around seven (the show started at 7:30). they'd let me know after that. oh, but it might still change during the performance.

so around 7:18, the piano man gives me a scribbly list of song names and some tempos for me to match my lighting to: fast, slow and "easy." ...okay. so the show starts and the music happens and i match my lights to the songs like i'm supposed to.

it was kind of surreal in a way: a baptist singer in a theatre full of mormons, but there were some familiar songs and the audience started singing too. i mean, i believe what i believe, but obviously there are truths all around, and this concert was full of truth. he sang one of my favorite hymns, how great thou art, and i could know. it was just truth.

so now i'm home. i o o o t p, t o t h o w a, a f t s o s. because let's be real...i'm exhausted and i've got a lot still to work on in the morning. so bed. probably the earliest i've gone all semester. a...b. f m d w i and i never know what to do about it.


Anonymous said...

wtf, anna, thx 4 making me feel dumb. i j w i u y. ?

anna. said...

hah...see? it's so much more fun to write like that.