Monday, April 13, 2009



and all in caps. that's all.

because...seriously?! $130?! wtf. it's not like some of us are trying to pay our way through college or anything. rrr.

thanks. andrew. alex. kris. sam. in that order. for helping me not do anything too irrational.

man. i haven't felt so enraged in such a long time. i don't really get angry about stuff. but this was just stupid. i parked my car so i could drop something off at someone's house and ended up talking for a minute and then when i got back...lex was gone. i mean, seriously!!

kris says i can't be too angry...they must have worked so dang fast to tow my car before i got back, and i'll admit, that's impressive. but still.



Ask Josh said...

Yeah, I towed a girl who was in my parking space. The towing guys were there in like 30 seconds. I really was impressed. I kind of hoped they had taken longer just in case the girl showed up so I could stop them, but it was like, [ring], "hello? I need to have a car towed" "On my way"

10 seconds later... BOOM! Towed.

Yeah, that girl had a rough weekend which I would love to tell you about later today.

Mrs. D said...

dont you just love blogs? its like the best way to post your anger so everyone can see. yay. remind me to tell you about the august incident. it will probably make your blood boil... it did mine :) see you tomorrow!

Kyle said...

You should probably respond to that situation by breaking someone's face in. Oh yeahhhh.

Anonymous said...

$130 is half of what it would cost here. and by half I mean one-third.

seriously, it's just a revenue stream -- totally illicit.


anna. said...

one third?? whattt?

towing things is lame. f'realz. just leave my stuff alone and i'll move it in a sec. promise. that's what i want to tell them.