Monday, April 20, 2009

surreal expectations.

i don't think i'm a very unreasonable person. i have realistic thoughts and goals. i cultivate friendships with people i enjoy being around and balance that with doing things i want to do alone. sometimes i like to run and sometimes i like to sit around and do nothing. i expect big things out of myself but try not to take everything so seriously. i am happy to be with people who can make me laugh and still care a lot for some people i never get to see. i always try to listen, love, forgive, remember, understand, smile, work, play, practice, and pay attention to the scenery.

and yet...i still expect people to read my mind.

i can't say it to your face. so i'll say it here:

-quit it.
-listen to me.
-call me back.
-stop calling.
-will things ever be the same?
-why don't you understand?
-wish you were here.
-i'm sorry.
-just relax.
-i miss you already.

if you know i'm trying to get you to read my mind and one of these statements belongs to you, feel free to pick it up and take it with you. thanks.


Bethie Ann said...

I"m going to the claim the "I miss you already" statement

Mrs. D said...

and I will take "just relax" especially since I am about to rip into someone I am so angry right now. rarr.

Anonymous said...

wish i was there 2