Thursday, April 16, 2009

overall: finals week.

this is a reporters post. no bias -- just the facts; concise, but accurate.

monday - last day of classes (ish). shot standups with mikey. jamba juice -- pink star!!. last reporting / law classes. jazz game with matt (last home game of the regular seaon). yummy ice cream afterwards. good talking time. overall: a good day.

tuesday - last day of classes (f'realz). last n.t. class. worked for entire rest of the day (basically). worked in the newsroom. debated in social advocacy class. scavenger hunt for starburst jelly beans. found at albertson's (thanks mikey!) after many stores that (for whatever dumb reason) didn't have them. letters from iwo jima with jon. ruth's house for jazz game / antm / more tv things til late. overall: a good day.

wednesday - reading day numero uno. woke up. worked on studying. gym with ruth and laura to work out (hardcore). shower. dinner with andrew / ruth / drew. home to PLAY WITH THE NEW KITTY ALL NIGHT OMG. basically awesome. kitty loved american idol and transporter 2. relaxing, like today should be. overall: a good kitty day.

thursday - today! second reading day. had meeting this morning for children of eden (which is going to be awesome, but the meeting went WAY over) and came home to find beth, mikey and ginny already here to study for 325. probably the first time i've ever actually studied for a test with other people. also it was great. sold back some books (which it always feels like it's SO not worth it, but oh well. dollars are dollars) and now...i'm home. time to study, run, do whatever so i can be ready for my final tomorrow morning (7 a.m...yuck). overall: so far so good.

apparently, i like parenthesis. also slashes. even though "apparently" makes it sound like i have no clue why. thanks, COMMS325. xox.


Mrs. D said...

OMKitty!!!!!! you need to post some pictures. also did andrew pick a name yet?

Spencer said...

ANNA! I love you!! and am really glad we get to share an armrest for at least one more day!

Courtney said...

Don't even worry Anna I fixed the spelling to "aisle". I'm glad I have you as a blogging editor! SO sad we will not have 308 or 416 together anymore... BOO