Wednesday, June 3, 2009

reasons why my mom is awesome.

- she basically makes her own jewelry. she buys things she likes and then takes them apart and pieces them together until they are awesome. she does the same with clothes, buying them and altering them. she's a great seamstress and jewelry designer and all her stuff is one-of-a-kind.

- she thinks like me. example: she made dinner for me tonight, pouring boiling water with a measuring cup into my noodles, as we discussed whether or not we had enough chocolate chips to make brownies. she dried the cup and we put the chocolate chips in the measuring cup to see how much we had...and then they started melting!! we were both really surprised that this happened. because we think alike. and then we got spoons and started eating them. yum.

- she stayed home and raised me and my sisters and brother. that is a feat in and of itself. plus she loves us. duh.

- she has a really strong testimony. she converted, served a mission, and started a family. she knows the church is true and she knows what she needs to do here and she does it. she is a really great example for me.

- she doesn't make a fuss. we listen to her and we know she's in charge, but she doesn't have to yell to do it.

- she loves shoes. and clothes. and shopping. as evidenced by the walk-in closet that my parents "share" which is full of her many-colored shoes and outfits (i think dad gets maybe one shelf, if he's lucky). the mom-shoe-store is always open and she's willing to let the daughters browse through. bonus: all kron girls (+ ruth) have very close to the same size feet so we can all share.

- she loves ewan mcgregor and johnny depp. just like me.

- she and daniel and i all look alike, colorwise and such. a definite bonus since we all share genes.

- she loves to read books. she reads all the time...about all sorts of things. maybe all this reading is how her english got so good?

- oh. speaking of which, she left her home and entire family in chile to come to the united states and start a family with my dad, in a country where she didn't know the language and didn't know a soul. that took courage, and at least a lot of faith.

- she's my mom! and she's awesome.

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