Sunday, June 21, 2009

things i learned on vacation.


- you cant escape the police on oak island
- southern accents really grind on my nerves
- you can never have enough donuts (or yogurt) to satisfy my family
- it always sounds like someones in the shower when you stay at a condo right on the beach
- pull-out beds (from couches) are the most uncomfortable things ever
- spf 4 and spf 70 work about the same
- sea gulls love french fries
- trips with the fam take about twice as long as solo drives, due to stopping for food (for like an hour), to pee, for cookies, etc.
- pursuit of happyness is the most depressing movie ever
- running on the beach is an awesome workout
-if the pasta you ordered was $15, that means it's going to be an effing huge plate full of noodles
- top model is always just have to find the right channel
- my family is full of awesome hula-hoopers
- ...but we're also terrible at badminton. plus we break all the equipment...
- my family bonds over ice cream and karaoke. top that.

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