Tuesday, June 2, 2009

shopping. omg.

i was watching "what not to wear" with my mom today. we were discussing how disgusting it is to see those lame ladies gripe and whine about having to spend $10,000 or whatever on fabulous clothes when we would kill for that kind of green to blow on outfits while also hanging out clinton and stacy. and then getting total makeovers.

well cry me a river, ungrateful stupid lady, as you wander around nyc with $300 jeans, coach purses and outfits that i can only ever dream of owning (someday when i rob a bank and finally have some cash to my name).

anyways, i went shopping today. i don't do this so much -- a. because i'm too busy. and b. because i'm basically not making much money so i'm trying not to spend much. but after the way this summer's been going, i thought it would be fun to treat myself with clothes.

two skirts (one pink, one black, both pencil skirts, which i've never really ventured to try but have decided that i love). one dress (black and white and a cool design. good for church or the news yay). and a pair of brown pants (since i don't have a pair. might as well, right?). and a yellow sports bra (it's a livestrong brand one, so all the money it cost went to cancer research. pretty awesome). and i didn't spend more than $30 on a single piece. because i'm picky about stuff like that.

the only down-side about shopping is that i remember how much i still need to work out and burn some extra lbs. f'realz. i've started running more lately, but so far i think i look basically the same. lameee. oh well. i think i'm going to start training for the half marathon again, now that i'm making time to run more. ahh, the joys of cross training (among other things). we'll see how long that lasts.

month goal for june: hula hoop every day.

(did you know i make month goals? i do. wayyy easier to keep track of than new years resolutions)

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