Sunday, May 31, 2009

in my dreams.

a while ago, i started to take a new approach to sleeping. instead of trying to get by with as little sleep as i possibly could, i decided that i would sleep when i was tired. if it was three a.m. and i wasn't tired, i wouldn't sleep. if it was eight at night and i was...i would. it's simple. and for me, it works.

one of the benefits (?) of sleeping when i'm tired is that i dream a lot more than i used to. and my imagination always seems to run wild while i'm sleeping, so when i get to wake up and remember what i was thinking about the night before, it's sort of like christmas. things i never would have imagined if the lights were on...things like...bunk beds.

i'll be honest. i always wanted bunk beds. it seemed so glamorous on tv, and since i had two sisters who were pretty close in age to me, it didn't seem like something that should be so far out of my reach. and yet, to my dismay, i never had a bunk bed, let alone the set that i hoped for...the bottom bunk for hanging out on during the day, perhaps folding into a futon to read on, and the top bunk for sleeping and dreaming and writing secret stories in my secret diary (i wrote a lot as a kid, something i wish i did more of now that i'm older). boo.

my sophomore year of college, i moved into a fabulous condo where i had a bunk bed (sort of). it was more of a lofted bed, since my roommates lower-bunk was not actually attached and we had dressers under my bed. but it was still pretty okay.

and then last night !! i had a dream about bunk beds.

why? i'm not sure. it was a bizarre dream...i was at my friend's house and it was full of bunk beds! at least a couple sets, but not like a prison. more like...just different bunk beds for different reasons. one bunk bed for laying on and telling stories, one for watching tv, one set for watching the fish (there were a lot of those too), one bunk bed for sleeping, and so on for quite a while. needless to say, i was terribly jealous.

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Courtney said...

Anna your posts really make me laugh. They almost bring me as much joy as Joel.