Sunday, May 10, 2009

remember when...

remember when i thought it'd be nice to do the lighting for my old high school's production of "aida" this summer while i'm home for a minute?

okay. well i think it just gave me tetanus.


i guess that means i have about forty-eight hours to live. was fun while it lasted. see you all later.


Amelia Ruth said...

High school=bad idea, and not worth it.

Choose life: "Just say NO!"

They teach you that in elementary school for a reason.

Ask Josh said...

I put your blog on the morning just so I can listen to the playlist. You have great taste, honey.

Oh yeah, and the reading ain't bad, either.

Nice knowing you.

BOOM. Tetanus.

Mrs. D said...

no worries. if i dont die of clay dust poisoning (JUST found out thats toxic!) I'll die of overanxiety. are you coming back to ohio yet??? I need you right now.

Zobell said...

Dying for your art. I can dig that.

Natalie Marie said...

I LOVE AIDA! And you're very right about Les Miserables...totally wouldn't be amazing if everyone lived, sorry about your tetanus though. Hows your internship going?