Monday, May 18, 2009 can't kill me.

i've been in columbus about three weeks now. and...i've been thinking.

by that, i mean i was thinking yesterday and now i am putting this down on paper / internet. yesterday, oh day of thoughtful days, i decided that i'm not living up to my columbus potential. sure, i am having fun going to work and the station and working on that play and seeing friends and things. but there's so much more i can be doing too.

so...why am i not fulfilling my potential here?

decidedly...because i am waiting too much. i wake up as late as i possibly can to still get in and out of the shower and to the station in time (which...granted, is 9AM and that's a decent time to be starting to do things) or to where ever else i happen to be going. maybe this is okay for summer. it's a little more laid back, more relaxing...i can just lie in bed until i absolutely have to get out. but maybe i can do something else.

then yesterday i decided. i should just get out of bed a little bit earlier. because, you know what? it won't kill me. it CAN'T. there is no way (well, maybe there are some ways...but probably not) that i will die just from getting up a little bit earlier and getting a little more accomplished before heading off to start my day. plus, then i won't feel so rushed.

so today my alarm went off at 6AM, a full hour and a half before it typically does. i woke up, sat up in bed and looked around my room, glowing with the morning sun that was leaking through my blinds.

and i didn't even die.

granted, i was awake for a while and then decided to sleep for a bit longer, but STILL. i woke up earlier and am no worse off because of it. so here's my experiment, at least for the week. i'll wake up around six or so, remind myself that i'm not dead, nor could i possibly die from waking up a tad earlier, and then just see what happens from there.

yay for making an effort to not totally waste away my summer.


Mrs. D said...

you've inspired me. i'm going to try and wake up at 6 for the rest of the summer. for real. because i did think it would kill me, but now you've proven it won't...

Anonymous said...

somewhere... a sleepy fairy has perished in a gruesome death.