Saturday, May 2, 2009

everything is awesome.

today was totally great. if the entire rest of the summer is like today, that will be alright with me.

my boss gave me a nametag thing to open the gate for my car and the doors to the station...and it worked. somehow, i half expected it to not work and i'd be locked out. but no all worked and i was (for the first time ever) a member of a real live news team.

i got to my station at about 10 AM and went out to do a story with one of our reporters. she is one of those super-smart, asks-all-the-right-questions reporters and it was awesome to go out with her on my first day on the job. our story: swine flu at osu. our photog was awesome and found us somewhere great to eat lunch (gyros) and while our reporter was on the phone with billions of people, the photog asks me the question that i was dying to hear..." you want to do a story by yourself?"

OMG. yes.

so we left our wonderful reporter in the car and i grabbed the mic and we went out to do another story...with ME as the reporter!! it was awesome. i did the interview, mr. photog got some b-roll, and we were out of there and back to the station. i got to log my tape and put together a vo-sot-vo for my story (about recruiting at the police department) and my producer says, "great. want to do another story?"

OMG. yes.

so he gave me another story (this one about the capital city half marathon and 5 k) and i picked another sot and wrote the scripts for this story too. and mr. producer says, "great. we'll use those for the show."

who says your first day as an intern has to be boring?

i only had about an hour left by the time this was all done, so i didn't get to go out on the live shot (two guys got in a fight right before the show and the one guy hit the other guy WITH HIS CAR. for real...who does that?) so i decided to try my hand at putting together a package. i logged the tape from the swine flu story we did earlier and wrote out a script for a package. my reporter read it and said it was really good and yay.

the end.

oh. and i had 3" heels on for like ten hours. and i didn't even mind.

maybe the fact that my first day was incredible will mean that the next four months will be terrible, but hopefully not. i love the news <3


Anonymous said...

Three Inch Heels!?!?!?

Fo Real!?

No, I'm not being sarcastic, that is so awesome. Very hot.

Can't wait to see that.


Mrs. D said...

THAT IS SOO COOL!!! I am sorry I didn't get to listen to your story, but you always write just like you talk so it was like you were telling me!! Drew is even jealous!! Well he didnt say so, but I think he is! Keep an ear out and let us know if anyone has a sports reporter opening!! Good luck for the rest of your internship!!!

Ask Josh said...

BOOM. Heeled.

Courtney said...

Anna! That is so exciting! I wish my life as an intern was that exciting. (It's not) I also love that you have GIn Blossoms on your playlist. Well done.