Thursday, May 7, 2009


i love stories. after three days at my internship (saturday, monday and wednesday), guess how many i have done all by myself?

six. yeahhh.

i love love love my station. everyone is super nice to me and super awesome at everything they do. i'm sure it helps that we are a good station and no one has to worry if they might not have a job tomorrow or about trying to do a zillion things at once. there's enough people, enough cameras, enough cars and trucks, enough computers, enough everything. i think i am definitely getting spoiled.

in other news, i'm doing a lighting design for my old high school (just for fun...i thought doing an entire design from opening-the-script to curtains-up in less than two weeks would be cool) and it is fun but also a challenge since i am hardcore time-crunched from the news stuff plus being a server basically all the time. but it's going to be a good show and my little sis is going to be sweet since she is great at stuff and has one of the lead roles.

oh. and i saw "17 again" today with my mom. and it was kind of awesome.


Courtney said...

Showoff!!! haha. and I saw 17 again and I loved it!

Ask Josh said...

Hey! I wanted to comment but it turns out I don't have anything intelligent to contribute.

Cheers. Love your face.