Monday, May 25, 2009

living in the future.

i'll be honest. living in the future is pretty awesome.

let me start by saying that it is summer and i miss everyone from school terribly in a big way. this holds true even if i'm a bad friend and never call to say hi or anything. but on the random days when i get surprised by a phone call from someone out's basically my favorite thing ever.

it's not really something i think about often...calling someone and seeing what they're up to for no good reason. i always assume people are busy, plus it gets slightly crazy with the time difference (up to three hours!) and so it doesn't happen as often as it maybe should. but i guess that's what happens when you live in the future.

that's right. the sun rises in my life a good 2-3 hours before it does for most of you, and i'm going to brag about it for a second. i'm fairly certain there have been times that i have woken up earlier than you may have gone to bed on a given day, just because of the time difference. i knew who won american idol first and most other tv programming also caters to me and my comrades out east. i'll never have to watch a day game at 11AM over the summer (like i do out west sometimes) and i won't have to watch "live tv" on a one hour delay. not that i ever have time to watch tv...but if i did...yeah. my news comes before yours, my work day ends earlier, and my clock is synchronized with everyone in nyc and washington d.c. that's right...the president sets his watch to the same time as me.

top that.

i know you're waiting around and wondering, so let me tell you. the future is looking pretty awesome. you just wait.

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Natalie Marie said...

haha! loved this post!

I agree with the whole picking a favorite child idea, but I will say my all time favorite musical is Jekyll and Hyde, I love wildhorn stuff. But I couldn't ever decide on a play or anything like that and I have a number of musicals vying for first runner up