Wednesday, May 13, 2009

summer rain.

sometimes i wonder if coming back to ohio was the right thing for me to do this summer. i could have stayed in utah. i could have gone somewhere in between. and i am. working, interning, designing lights, everything i could ever dream of and then some.

but still...i wonder what might have happened if i had stayed.
or gone somewhere else, right? like...well, you know...

but then it rains...the wonderful ohio rain that is not so cold and awful (like in utah), but warm and happy, and sometimes you can still see the sun shining behind the clouds and i say's good to be in ohio for now.

things will fall into place eventually (i think).
for now...i've just got to live it up.

oh...and i still have a little tetanus in me, but only from the shot they gave me. and i still have a nice gash in my leg from where the tetanus attacked me with a screw. i get to live at least a little longer.

...but who knows, right? people die all the time, for no good reason at all. here's hoping i make it back to utah in the fall produce the daily news, make some lights for "children of eden" and run a 5k with my sistersss (and graduate college eventually?!).

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Mrs. D said...

just let me know when m blog is stupid about comments, i think i fixed it though. Also, graduation is overrated. but yay for the 5kkkkk!!!!!!! (the kevs told me to make more "k"s so you would love)