Friday, May 29, 2009

the lakers suck.

today i made some raspberry chocolate chip cookie bars.

that's what i did. i got the ingredients and i made them.

did i make them quite like i was supposed to? did i use all the correct ingredients in the right proportions? did i bake it for the right amount of time? did they turn out just like they were supposed to in the picture?

maybe not. but they are awesome. yum. and baking them kept me slightly distracted and not-so-angry as the nuggets were getting pummeled in the second half, and that's always good.

on a slightly different subject, i've been logging a ton of miles this week (on my shoes...just running a lot) and apparently that makes me hungry all the time. my body is burning fuel and demands to be re-filled-up. and so...i bake and run around like a crazy person because i can't even sit still long enough to watch a basketball game.

the end.

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