Friday, May 22, 2009


i've been home for about a month now, and today i finally have a day off!!

i didn't even think about it until my boss called me this morning and told me we were overstaffed and i could have the day off, since he knows i work all the time. and sure enough, as i looked at my calendar, i've worked every single day this month, either at the station or at the play or waitressing, or some combination of the three.

but today...the world is my oyster.

the only problem is...well, i never get days off. what do you do when there's nothing you absolutely need to do? i have no idea.

starting with a nice long a.m. run and then we'll see what today holds.

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anna. said...

for the record...this day never worked out.

i got called in to work at night, so i only had a half-day off, and i spent most of that trying to figure out what i wanted to do, which never got to happen. i have yet to have a real "day off" this summer. i even worked memorial day at the station.

but at least the run was good.