Tuesday, June 23, 2009

woke up at two a.m.

that's what i did today.

maybe i'm crazy...but i can't get enough of being at my station.
love love love it.

most of our interns are there two or three days a week. this week...i'll do five. not that i'm anything better or awesome-er than them...but seriously. you have these few months to hang out with real, live reporters / photogs / producers / editors /'ve got to make the most of it. because soon it will be over and you won't get to hang out and pick their brains over hot smoothies.

i tried to go to bed early last night, but that really didn't work too well. i got up around 2:30 today though, and was at the station by four. we had two live hits for the morning shows (5:30 and 6:00 for today, the entire show goes from five to seven) and then we got to take a break. you know what that!!

many of the early morning people thrive on coffee...and a good bunch of the regular day people do too. apparently there's something magical and wonderful about coffee that i am unable to share with them. oh well. today i found out there is such a thing as a "hot smoothie" -- basically a flavored coffee, minus the coffee. i got hazlenut and it was pretty yummy.

then we to the courthouse for an arraignment, my first ever. basically they bring in people who were arrested and formally charge them for crimes. it is very official. we were there for these three cousins who were joyriding on father's day (all three are 24 and each have a child) and decided to fire shots into a taco bell parking lot. they hit this 17-year-old girl in the face...she is in the hospital now, but for real. insane.

i spent the rest of the morning chasing after an attempted abductor and then..well that was it. i came home and totally crashed.

woke up later, ran 8.65 miles in an hour, went to the store, and now...relaxing. another day of news tomorrow...and then the next day...and then the day after the day after that (friday is my day off). i think that if i could just do news and go for a nice long run every day, it would be the best thing ever.


Natalie Marie said...

Holy flip Anna, 6.65 miles in an hour! Dang, you go girl.

anna. said...

hah. i just run.

keeps me sane...