Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sock problems.

somewhere, secretly suppressed within my sound-asleep and subconscious self, i am deeply concerned about socks...namely mismatched ones. i'll be honest...this is pretty disconcerting.

if it had been one dream, maybe i could brush my shoulders off and think it was just a crazy night and my imagination was running wild. but now there have been at least a couple, just this summer. and unconscious anna is very distraught about mismatched socks.

why? why does it really matter? in real life, i have mostly matching socks. some of them don't match, but that's okay. at least i thought so. maybe it's not anymore?

and not only mismatched socks, but missing socks.
some of my favorite ones...just gone.

if only socks could talk.



Mrs. D said...

socks dont talk. they always get lost. I am going to go see Up right now, but not in digital 3D. It makes my eyes hurt. Also, I miss you. I cant wait to see you in a few days. and we wont even wear any socks....

ps i also bought the diary of a whimpy kid #1 for daniel. so dont buy it. its a suprise.

Spencer said...

Anna! i miss you! and i used to think that mismatched socks were okay but now i don't think that i could handle it. i feel like it would throw off my whole day...but maybe not...