Sunday, June 28, 2009

fantasy baseball (sort of).

i have a fantasty baseball team. kind of.

i mean, it was only tonight when i went to dave and buster's with brian and kyle that i realized how little i had been paying attention to baseball this year. i used to be so into it...watching games all the time, keeping track of players, i was like a manager of my own little team. basically, that's what fantasy sports is all about anyways.

but tonight, i'm watching a reds / indians game -- the two teams from ohio -- that i realize i don't have any idea who half of the players are on either team. and i think about my fantasy team and how i have neglected it (i'm probably in last place since i never check it, but at this point, whatever) and wonder why something that i enjoyed in the past could be so on-the-back-burner this summer.

i told myself, maybe i'm just too busy for fantasy baseball.

but really, that's not true. because i think i realized / decided something. it's not rocket science. and it's not anything that everyone else doesn't know. but i'm beginning to see it more and more in my only make time for the things you want to make time for.

and this summer, baseball's just not a priority. a lot of things aren't priorities. this has become good and bad...some things that should be important have hit the back burner just as bad. meanwhile, other things that are maybe not-as-important have found themselves at the forefront of my efforts and energy. stuff is messed up.

but it's working itself out.
and by that, i mean i'm working it out (i think).

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