Tuesday, March 20, 2012

chocolate bacon and other assorted food.

well...the kids in my sunday school class requested it.
 first -- cook bacon.
then -- dip in chocolate.
chocolate-dipped bacon (top)
and chocolate-bacon bark (bottom).
also on the menu this month: 
cheese empanadas with avocados.
and last night's experiment with sports boy --
homemade turkey meatballs with linguine pasta.

bonus food: not my first time having fresh (not frozen or canned) pineapple but my first time getting the rind off and cutting it up myself. simple and delicious.

p.s. you would never guess by looking at my blog posts,
but about 66% of my meals consist of cereal and milk.


Ruth Dowling said...

haha i know that, but it feels good to see at least three meals that arent cereal. especially if one of them has to do with bacon and chocolate. youve inspired me :)

Sarah said...

hahaha SO YUM i have to try that bacolate (? yes.) sometime for sure! and pray not to have a heart attack (: also, in our bountiful baskets the past two weeks we got fresh pineapple, too! SO YUMMY. ps your empanadas look BEYOND delish. definitely trying that next time (:

Rachael said...

Loving your PS and missing you like crazy.

Micaela said...

you are so domestic! i want to be you. literally.

Briane P said...

I haven't been here in a while and then I come back and see a post that makes me hungry instantly.

My first instinctive reaction to "chocolate bacon" is "Um, gross," but I had maple-bacon cupcakes made by Middle Daughter, and I've had bacon-flavored candy, and so I have the ability to overcome that initial reaction and bravely decide that, yeah, I really want some of that.

Also: @Sarah: Bacolate? Trademark that.