Wednesday, December 15, 2010

but i only want two.

i know.

we got a foot of snow over the weekend and now you think i'm dead since i haven't blogged in forever. the truth is that i've been working non-stop lately, with everyone taking vacations and holiday days. lucky for me, i don't get vacation time so i get to work every day -- rain or shine...or blizzard. but i'm alive and fine and i even shoveled so i can get lex out of the garage (thank you, snow plows).
^ doesn't he look sad in there?
^ this is lex's view from inside the garage, near the tires.
would you believe that lots of (dumb) people still park their cars outside and let them freeze over every night?
i love lex too much to do that to him.

in other news, i happened to look at my thermostat over the weekend and it flashes this message at me:
"replace battery."
i mean, i should have figured my thermostat was battery-powered. it has power and it's not plugged into anything. that's logical. i guess i just never realized that two "aaa" batteries were the only things keeping my house from turning into a subarctic tundra.

so i went to the store to look for batteries today.
and guess what?

but here's the thing. i don't want sixteen. i only need two.
and i don't think i should pay $10 for two "aaa" batteries. hunt continues for non-mega pack batteries.
and hopefully my thermostat doesn't die before i find some...


Parker & Chelsey DeMille said...

WOW Anna! soooooo much snow. hope you have a pair of boots. I had a things against them until we moved up to the bench. We get a foot or two more now than we ever did in Provo but we, unlike you, don't have a cute little garage. I scrape my car every day in a pair of dinky flats that stay wet the rest of the day (not the most effective system). ANYWAY, that's on the Christmas list. Just wanted to pop in and let you know how happy I am that you're out there making us all look good :) we heard about you all the time in 486! hope you have a very merry christmas and maybe some time off too... :) :) :)

skroner said...

<3 lex. can't wait to drive in him and get lost in the blizzards/die in a tundra with you IN THREE MORE DAYS!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I actually wanted aaa batteries for christmas. i was only half kidding when i put that on my wish list.

Courtney said...

ahhhh i hate shopping for simple things like batteries and lightbulbs sometimes. i spent 40 minutes in home depot debating which lightbulbs our kitchen needed. yikes.

Mrs. D said...

haha oh poor lex... i'll send sarah out with two AA batteries. stay warm in the meantime!