Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gameeee stopppp.

been a fun couple of days with surrah visiting me here in wausau, but she left for warmer temperatures in the ohio valley earlier today. lameeee.

i'm not very good about pictures but we did go bowling, watch toy story, get free milk (that leaked all over my fridge), eat yummy grapes, try a sandwich with soft pretzels instead of bread and wake up before 6 AM to go for a run. she's a trooper.

luckily, i remembered to take the one really important picture:
we LOVE game stop.
i mean, who doesn't?
(besides maybe that creeper guy over there)

i'm taking lex to the car doctor tomorrow to get a new (FREE) steering column (what is that? i'm not sure. but i got a letter a lot of months ago that said they would replace it free of charge, so...why not, right?) and then we'll finally be able to get ready for my super-busy christmas weekend where i get to work a lot. yayyy.

in other news, u of u is getting totally pummeled in the vegas bowl.
hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. miss you all.



Bethie Ann said...

I love you. I'm glad someone gets to come see you in WI. Let's see if we can convince Brian to letting me come out and see you for a while. Pu-LEEZ!

Mrs. D said...

haha poor grandpa was pretty upset. im pretty sure he hates vegas now.

in other news... i miss you.
and i forgot to send the AA batteries. my bad.
merry christmas!! xx

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Andrew loved this post...

too much.

Natalie Marie said...

haha Walz told me about that

skroner said...

<3 <3 <3 game stop.
especially because i was at the mall with dad + daniel last night and daniel ran over to the mall directory the moment he saw one and said DAD LETS GO TO GAMESTOP ITS NUMBER 113 LET'S GO PLEASE?!
and i thought of you.
(: i'll put my pictures up soon!!!