Thursday, December 30, 2010


guess what's on TV tonight?
(aka best ice cream there ever was)
lame that i will be at work.
check it out tonight if you can -- food network @ 10PM EST.
it'll also be on at 1 AM (maybe i'll watch that one..?) and then again at 7:30 PM on jan 15th, but i sort of NEED to watch it before then so i'll try to find out if there's more times.

i seriously love graeters. please let them go national soon ( :

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i tried. i really did.

i just completed one of my goals from the DayZeroProject. i was going to blog about it, but the server's down and i can't check it off.


apparently the DZP site has been down for a few days but i'm thinking it's gotta be up again soon, right? pretty sure they'd have lots of upset people if they can't make goal lists on new years.

but in case you've been under a rock, i went to ohio for christmas (drove the 1,200+ miles from wausau to indiana to ohio
and then back with my bff boy from work within a 36-hour period)
and i will blog about it when i have a little more time...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gameeee stopppp.

been a fun couple of days with surrah visiting me here in wausau, but she left for warmer temperatures in the ohio valley earlier today. lameeee.

i'm not very good about pictures but we did go bowling, watch toy story, get free milk (that leaked all over my fridge), eat yummy grapes, try a sandwich with soft pretzels instead of bread and wake up before 6 AM to go for a run. she's a trooper.

luckily, i remembered to take the one really important picture:
we LOVE game stop.
i mean, who doesn't?
(besides maybe that creeper guy over there)

i'm taking lex to the car doctor tomorrow to get a new (FREE) steering column (what is that? i'm not sure. but i got a letter a lot of months ago that said they would replace it free of charge, so...why not, right?) and then we'll finally be able to get ready for my super-busy christmas weekend where i get to work a lot. yayyy.

in other news, u of u is getting totally pummeled in the vegas bowl.
hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. miss you all.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

but i only want two.

i know.

we got a foot of snow over the weekend and now you think i'm dead since i haven't blogged in forever. the truth is that i've been working non-stop lately, with everyone taking vacations and holiday days. lucky for me, i don't get vacation time so i get to work every day -- rain or shine...or blizzard. but i'm alive and fine and i even shoveled so i can get lex out of the garage (thank you, snow plows).
^ doesn't he look sad in there?
^ this is lex's view from inside the garage, near the tires.
would you believe that lots of (dumb) people still park their cars outside and let them freeze over every night?
i love lex too much to do that to him.

in other news, i happened to look at my thermostat over the weekend and it flashes this message at me:
"replace battery."
i mean, i should have figured my thermostat was battery-powered. it has power and it's not plugged into anything. that's logical. i guess i just never realized that two "aaa" batteries were the only things keeping my house from turning into a subarctic tundra.

so i went to the store to look for batteries today.
and guess what?

but here's the thing. i don't want sixteen. i only need two.
and i don't think i should pay $10 for two "aaa" batteries. hunt continues for non-mega pack batteries.
and hopefully my thermostat doesn't die before i find some...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the last bag of grapes i will ever eat.

i guess i don't pay attention to how much my groceries actually cost. but after i checked my receipt, i had to make this decision. those were definitely the last grapes i will eat until they're in season again.

in other news, remember these gingerbread houses i made
with the fam when they came last week?
gravity started to take its toll and the roofs are starting to cave in.
everyday, the ceilings on these poor graham cracker homes stoop a bit lower. i secretly hope i'm around to watch one of them collapse.

a word of advice to anyone making gingergread houses this season:
if you plan to put things on the roof, you need to add more support!