Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dear no-stick pan:

we're officially fighting.

remember when you actually didn't let food stick to you?
that was cool.

you will be replaced as soon as i can find the money (hopefully -- good replacements are super-pricey).

xox from anna.


Rachael said...

Have you been hand washing your nonstick pan? I read somewhere that dish washer soap can be abrasive to nonstick pots and pans. Random, right?

anna. said...

i've actually heard that too so i've been hand-washing but it's still sticking. that's what i get for not paying $100 for a pan. boo.

sarah said...

lame lame lame. in other news.. everytime i visit your blog, i am warned that there is malware on your website and that my computer will be harmed if i look at your stuff. clearly you are just too cool for school..

anna. said...

eek! seriously? maybe it's the dinosaurs...