Thursday, February 3, 2011

the minneapolis / st paul airport.

did you know i went to utah this week?
i did.
i flew both ways through minneapolis.
both times...i got delayed.

here's my pilot for minneapolis --> wausau:
he was trying to get us an earlier slot, but to no avail.

here's the food i ate while i waited:
yes. it was my birthday brownie.
and yes. it was delicious.

also while waiting in minneapolis?
some lady from across the waiting area says,
"HEY! you're on tv in wausau!"
small world, right?

anyways. flying can be crazy but it does have its bonuses.
while walking to my final plane, a guy stopped me
and asked if i had a delta skymiles card.
i told him my dad did.
and then he asked if i was the primary card holder.
i said no.
he said if i got my own, i'd be eligible for awesome bonuses.
so i told him i was only 17 -- not quite old enough for a credit card.
the end.


i say thanks and start to walk away
and he chases after me and gives me this:
bonus alarm clock / calendar thing? yes, please.
"oh, i knew you'd sign up if only you were old enough."
haha. thanks, dude.
anyways. now it's back to the grind in the newsroom.
today i did a story at the humane society
and this kitten tried to come home with us.


sarah said...

just love just love just love!! don't forget to use your real camera sometimes though (; HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY ANNA CARRERA!

Mrs. D said...

i would have taken that kitten home :) love you! happy birfday!!! thanks for visiting!